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We understand how kids learn sports skills.

And we know how best to teach them.

Doing this for decades

Teddy Swimming is brought to you by Teddy Sports World. We’re the team behind ground-breaking, worldwide programmes like Teddy Tennis, created over 20 years ago. For the design of our Teddy Swimming curriculum, we turned to trusted British experts specialising in young beginner swimmers; the perfect partnership of format and experience to give kids what they need.

Who’s behind Teddy Swimming?

Based around the world with HQ in the UK, our team has a wealth of sports and educational knowledge and experience, and a driving passion for ensuring kids stay active by inspiring a true love of sports. From our first revolutionary Teddy Tennis programme to our global franchise, we’ve never stopped developing, improving, and adding to our deliverables.

Who’s it all about?

If there’s one thing we understand even better than the sports we teach, it’s how to teach those skills to our students. Every story, every picture, and every song we create is tested on the under 7s, and we listen to and act on every piece of feedback we get from these harsh but honest critics.

Probably the greatest benefit children gain through doing Teddy Sports is CONFIDENCE.

Once a child has confidence, there is nothing they can’t achieve.

Richard Bean, co-founder, Teddy Sports World

Teddy Swimming: the franchise Business

All kids’ activities are fun. But swimming’s unique blend of fun and life-saving skills means that the demand for quality swim lessons will always be there – making it a reliable and enduring investment.

Teddy Swimming franchises are available worldwide; with accessible entry points, a proven business model, and stellar support from our team, it’s a great way to change lives and secure your financial future.

If you understand the importance of making swimming an amazing experience for young kids; if you believe you can run a business that not just reaches profit goals but also inspires the next generation of safe, happy swimmers in your community; and if you’ve got the vision, commitment, and passion to deliver memorable, valuable experiences – let’s talk Teddy Swimming.