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Who is Teddy Swimming for?

We’ve designed Teddy Swimming to be accessible to any child between the ages of 3 and 7. We focus on making lessons fun and effective for student, no matter how they learn or what their level of experience.

What about kids with a fear of water?

Fearful kids are absolutely welcome to Teddy Swimming lessons! Our founders specialise in young, beginner, and fearful swimmers, and totally understand the anxiety that swimming lessons can cause kids – and their parents. The environment created by our engaging teaching materials – teddy bear pictures, songs, and games – and our kind and patient teachers make Teddy Swimming ideal for kids scared of water. In fact every Teddy Swimming teacher undergoes specific training in how to teach kids with fear, encouraging and supporting them, and using a gradual, no-pressure approach to help them build trust and start enjoying the water.

How long are Teddy Swimming lessons?

Lessons last 40 minutes, but be warned: when the kids are having so much fun, it sometimes takes a minute to get them back to you…

Are these real lessons or is it just playtime?

Teddy Swimming lessons are incredibly effective. But that’s not despite the playful element – it’s because of it. It’s well-established that kids learn best through play. With swimming’s unique challenges – safety concerns, and a higher proportion of nervous students – it’s even more important with this sport to lay a foundation of trust and enjoyment. That’s what Teddy Swimming teachers will focus on in early lessons, and that element of fun and joy carries on throughout the programme.

Are Teddy Swimming lessons safe?

Safe, fun, and effective – every moment of every lesson. That’s our mantra at Teddy Swimming. And safety comes first. Our teachers are rigorously trained in how to keep their students safe; where to position themselves, sightlines, reachability, how best to apply discipline, how to engage for better focus, and how to correct unsafe behaviours. We know that when you hand over your child to a Teddy Swimming teacher, you are putting an immense amount of trust in us. We pledge to honour that trust.

I've heard of Teddy Tennis. Is Teddy Swimming related?

Yes! Teddy Swimming is part of Teddy Sports World, just like Teddy Tennis, which was the original ground-breaking sports education programme for young kids. Teddy Swimming uses the same incredibly effective system of See it – Hear it – Do it, and the same adorable bunch of teddy bear characters.

What’s different? Well, the bears in our stories and pictures are in swimwear, and the awesome tunes that bring the Teddy Swimming activities to life are all-new and specially written and performed to fit with the poolside vibe.

How do children progress in Teddy Swimming?

We have 8 levels in Teddy Swimming, each one with carefully-curated lesson plans and activities with standard, easy, and hard modes. Kids work their way through the levels or Teddy Teams, winning stickers on the way, and starting in the class most suited to their age, ability, and experience. Teddy Swimming students graduating from the highest level will be able to swim front crawl, backstroke, and breaststroke proficiently over 25m, will have been introduced to butterfly. They’ll also have a sound knowledge of water safety and rescue, and be able to perform all the necessary (and fun) auxiliary swim skills like floating, diving, and treading water.

We use Teddy Connect, our proprietary software, to track and communicate your child’s progress. You’ll receive regular updates and milestones achieved by your child.

How much do lessons cost?

Because Teddy Swimming is taught all over the world, it’s not possible to give the exact prices here. Best thing is to check on your local Teddy Swimming provider – but be assured, we do our very best to keep our lessons affordable and accessible, and most certainly they’re always value for money.

Can I set up a Teddy Swimming franchise in my area?

We’d love to speak to you if you’re interested in franchising Teddy Swimming. It’s an incredible journey to start on, and we’re here to support all our partners from day one.

You’ll find more info in our Teddy Swimming Franchise section, download our franchise brochure or get in touch to arrange a chat with one of the team.

Can parents watch Teddy Swimming lessons?

You’re very welcome! In fact we want every parent or carer to see their child experiencing Teddy Swimming lessons. It’s magical and memorable, and parents tend to love what they see almost as much as the kids love taking part.