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My 3 year old daughter LOVED her Teddy party! It was so well organised and fun and it allowed me time as a parent to run around and organise while the kids were occupied. I would definitely book again and recommend to my friends.

Just wanted to say how happy we are with your program! Reese LOVES it and I’m so impressed with how the program is run and organized. Thanks for your great work! I’m a teacher myself and do appreciate how difficult it can be to keep 4 year olds organized and you do it so well!

Amelie has tried lots of different children’s activities but this is the first one she actually enjoyed! We booked her in for a week and she wanted to come back for more sessions. Her co-ordination has improved and she has overcome her shyness and now joins in. Amazing!

My young daughter cannot wait to get to her class, it is the highlight of her week!

Teddy Tennis was a fantastic way to introduce my 3.5 yr old son to the sport. He absolutely loved it and learnt different skills by copying the moves of a range of teddy bear characters. Each week presented a different tennis move and related song that played on a background DVD that all the mums ended up singing to! I would definitely recommend Teddy Tennis to any discerning parent.